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Why vote? Because if you don't, you help the bad guys.

“I’m not going to vote.”

“It doesn’t matter. They steal elections.”

“It’s not like my vote is going to change anything.”

Voter discouragement is high among residents of Hawaii, and it’s a sad state of affairs. Why vote in a "Deep Blue" state that is rife with election fraud: corrupt voter rolls, universal mail-in voting, unmonitored drop boxes with no chain of custody, the list goes on.

Not Voting Helps the Bad Guys

Now 55% of voters across the nation join Hawaii in distrusting the election process, as legitimate evidence of anomalies and voter concerns have been dismissed by officials and citizen efforts at transparency have been obstructed. Here in Hawaii and in all 50 states.

Discouraging voter turnout only helps those that seek to control (at best) or manipulate (at worst) election outcomes by influencing the populace. When voters are so discouraged that they don’t vote, the bad guys win.

If you decide not to vote, your vote can be used to shift the outcome. See, discouraged voters that don’t vote aren’t likely to check and see if a ballot has been cast in their name.

If you do decide to sit out the election, we encourage you to check the official record after the election and make sure that your decision to not cast a ballot was not violated by election fraud.

Canvassing efforts around the nation found that this has happened frequently resulting in anomalies that may have affected more than 10% of all voters in some states.

The best way to ensure that your vote isn’t stolen is to claim your vote and cast it – in the most secure manner possible. That means in person, on election day.

You may not feel energized to vote in opaque elections where efforts at transparency are constantly obstructed.

We hear you.

But if we want to secure free and fair elections for our children and their children, we must vote and make every effort to ensure that vote is counted as intended.

Claim your vote, cast it in person, and let’s ensure that Hawaii’s elections are free, fair, and reflect the will of the people.

If you don’t, the bad guys will. Learn more at

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